RICAP Group, as a global company, is concerned with sustainable development. Thus, we are committed to a corporate management and action that contribute to a more just society and a healthier environment, periodically reviewing our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.

In addition to work on the resolution of problems and issues that have been identified, we also undertake to implement and manage in practice the ethical principles that we defend, as well as we disseminate our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy to our employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and other stakeholders, asking them the same degree of commitment to our values.

Ethical principles

No Group RICAP conduzimos os negócios de forma social e ambientalmente responsável, garantindo o cumprimento de toda a legislação aplicável à nossa atividade e assumindo um conjunto de princípios.

Code of conduct

The Code of Conduct is an extremely important document in RICAP Group, because into it are defined operating principles by which we want our employees be guided as individuals who represent our company.


In RICAP Group we do not limit ourselves to define values and socially responsible principles, we make them real through actions that are part of our strategy.