To offer our customers the opportunity to express themselves in an unique and exclusive way through our brands.


To be respected and recognized at a national and international level, for our suitable conduct with focus on the creation of economic, environmental and social value in the community.


Our logo supports the adult, mature and responsible personality that we have achieved over 30 years experience.


  • Integrity – with no discrepancy between what we say and do, we defend what we believe;

  • Respect – we honor diversity;

  • Communication – we cherish listen and constructively dialogue with our customers, suppliers and employees;

  • Team Work – we admit that success is the result of a joint commitment where sharing is essential;

  • Professionalism – we admire those who are responsible for giving their best towards the success of all.

Vectors of Development

  • Innovation - focusing on continuous improvement through constant research for the best products, services, methods and equipment that exceed the expectations of our customers, partners and employees;

  • Comfort – nothing is more important than the welfare of people, so we focus on developing products that meet the needs of our customers;

  • Internationalization - to ensure the continued growth we have registered.


Worried about the welfare of people, in the RICAP Group we aim to contribute to the happiness and satisfaction of our customers. Thus, with the motto "Give your feet a present", RICAP Shoes invites our clients to experience the joy of offering a gift to a part of them, i.e. to themselves, and enjoy the feeling of self-pleasure that RICAP products provide.